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    TDC Comércio de Ferramentas


       Since the foundation at Sao Paulo in 2005, TDC Comércio de Ferramentas has been proudly contributing to Brazilian industrial development by serving Brazilian manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, home appliances, and machinery industries. After over a decade of steady growth, TDC Comércio de Ferramentas has become one of the major cutting tools suppliers in Brazil, and built close partnership with many well-respected local manufacturers, including Embraer, General Motors, and Volkswagen. As a key point in Top-Eastern Group’s Latin America strategy, TDC Comércio de Ferramentas is now operating several world famous tool brands owned by Top-Eastern, including Cleveland, Basset, Werkö, Manigley, and TDC.  


    Address:Rua Antônio Foster, 472 Socorro, São Paulo, Brazil